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Monday, June 2, 2008

Well, so much for blogging every day! Oh, well. Life has been crazy here lately. We moved into our new house the beginning of this month. It's really been a lifestyle change for all of us. We came from an old house with no neighbors and a more...spread out neighborhood I guess, to a nice BRAND spankin new house with lots of neighbors, which I love. It's nice to know everyone when you move. It's pretty much the same people, George and his family, Chris and his family, Stacey and her family, and all our old neighbors, plus a few extra new ones. We've had to change our "eating in the living room" policy to a "no eating in the living room" one. The kids are doing pretty good with it, they forget sometimes, but for the most part they remember.

This has been a rough month. Moving has always been hard on me, but with kids, it's a nightmare. Just setting up the house, making it safe for them to play, making sure they had food..... for the first week, it was very trying. And we had a few incidents along the way (gentian violet....), but now we're pretty much settled. I realized that since I was 16, I have moved 18 times. A couple times I moved back into the same place (dad's house), but I still moved nonetheless. I guess I should get used to it if we're going to stay in the AF, but it's still hard. You would think after 18 times I'd have the hang of it! For me, though, it's not the physical part of moving, it's the disruption in your life, and your daily schedule. I'm a creature of habit. When I can't take a shower in the morning, watch out. If I can't find my whisk, watch out. Seriously! It's sad.

I decided to make Ayden new bedding for his bed. I bought all the fabric, washed it, now all I have to do is sew. It seems like I can never find more than an hour to do anything big, and I can never get it done in an hour. If that makes any sense......

Well, I'm tired and off to bed. Short and sweet. Well, maybe not so much sweet, but.....whatcha gonna do?
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