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Friday, September 25, 2009


Well, it's been too long....whoopsy. I'm suffering from insomnia tonight, and can't find anything else to do that won't make any noise. I can hear the poor boys in their room coughing off and on. They both have had a cold for almost a month now. I think maybe they keep passing it back and forth, yuck.

So if you look at the new format for my blog, you'll see the lovely picture of our family, that looks like it was taken by a pro...but it wasn't! It was me! (I'm very proud, can't you tell?) I actually convinced Adam to go out to Stoney Creek Park in Goldsboro and take some family pictures! Yay me! Even though I'm sure the $200+ sticker price at the Wal-Mart photo place, which I'm assuming is the cheapest around, helped to convince him too, I'm just going to keep on thinking it was my charming ways (snicker snicker......). Anyway, I've been wanting to take family pics for a long time, and HOW they got done is no matter. So there. :)
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