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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

OK, I've finally decided to jump on the bandwagon and do meal planning. I KNOW, everyone does it, and it's SO helpful, but hey, what can I say, I thought I didn't like to be "tied down" to one meal on a certain night. But I decided for the rest of this month I'm going to do it, starting today. Which was easy, because today was tacos, lol.

I'm starting with only dinner at first, to kind of ease into it. Breakfast is usually cereal, and lunch is usually sandwiches (I'm so boring!), but once I have my dinner plans down pat I'll change it up to where I plan bf and lunch also. Who knows....

I found this neat-o dry erase board at Wal-Mart that works really well so far (well, until one of the kids erases an entire month of meals at a time, lol!). I wanted one like I saw at a friend from church's house the other day, but I couldn't find one, and I wanted one NOW! When I decide to do something, I have to have the components to do it with immediately, or else I just totally lose interest. It's bad, I know :) So this is what I found:

I love it. I love to write on it. It makes me feel more organized, even though I am TOTALLY NOT. Oh, well, I'm trying!

Adam's mom drove down for the weekend and we had so much fun going all around Kinston, finding little treasures at local stores (and holding our breath at a few!), and just spending time together. I love that the boys got to see their gramma (mee-maw lol), and it was so-o nice being able to talk with another adult during the day! Plus she did my dishes, and my laundry, woo-hoo! I am so blessed to have such a caring and thoughtful mother in law. I feel sorry for women who don't have a good relationship with their MIL. They are really missing out on a lot.

I will end here, because sleep is starting to take over my thoughts. Good night :)

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