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Monday, December 21, 2009

Where Have I Been?

Where have I been? Crazy-land, that's where! Trying to get the house cleaned so I don't come back to a huge mess, trying to find someone to take care of the dog while we're gone, trying to wash laundry with a halfway working dryer, trying to take care of the kids and keep them happy and entertained.....the list goes on and on. I feel like I'm doing a halfway job on everything, there's just not enough of me to go around. Whenever I have a free minute to myself, I find myself thinking, oh, I should be doing this or that, or cleaning this or that. I have to stop myself and just try and relax for a few minutes.

So for Motivate me Monday this week, my list is way too long to even think about. I'll just start with what I want to get done TODAY:

-clean kitchen and wash dishes from making 4 dozen cookies yesterday
-get kids clothes in the dresser and closet
-finish laundry (ha! this will be a miracle if it gets done today, but I'm going to try REALLY hard)
-wrap presents
clean out sewing/computer room-it has gotten very very messy, only because I tend to just throw stuff in there and close the door and not worry about it, lol
-start packing for trip to NY
-drink a few bottles of wine-KIDDING! Just seeing if you're paying attention :) Although it is pretty tempting right now....

So that's my list. We'll see how much of it gets done. I also want to make fortune cookies, but that's at the absolute bottom of my list. I found a neat recipe online to try here :

If I ever get to it, I'll post pics and opinions. I highly doubt that will happen though :p

Well, off to start on my list. We are leaving for NY the middle of this week, so wish me luck getting everything DONE!!!!!!!!

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