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Monday, January 9, 2012


I was thinking on my way home from work tonight about the amount of faith we put in people. Sometimes it's blind faith, sometimes absolute faith, conditional faith, but we have a lot of faith nonetheless. Then when those people let us down or don't do what we expect, we are disappointed. Why is that?
I mean really, one person is just that-ONE person.
I was listening to a news story on NPR about how an advisor to the president was stepping down on my drive home. They mentioned how they were surprised he was stepping down, because he had only been in his position for a year. Then they mentioned that he had not seemed ho really "fit in" and that parts of his job had been delegated to someone else. Why are they surprised he is stepping down? They took away part of his responsibilities and gave them to someone else who "fit in" better!
I mean really, what did they expect?! Duh.......

Well, here is a photo I recently took of Anthony in a tree at Herman Park. I messed around with an app called Snapseed. I think it turned out cool.

I've got lots more on my mind right now, but I've also got to go to sleep. Blech, priorities......

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