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Thursday, April 16, 2009


It seems like I'm always thinking. Thinking about my marriage, thinking about family, thinking about the kids, thinking about sewing, thinking about what to do next in the house, thinking about college. I like to think, because it expands my mind. But I also realize, I need to do more "doing". It's one thing to have a great idea. It's another thing to use it. So that's my goal for the month of April - to not just think about things, but to do them as well.

I finally got something I've wanted for a while now:

Oh, yeah, I got me a sweeper! Adam likes to pick on me because I act like it's some new invention, and last night he said, "Wow! You discovered what they invented in 1973!", or something like that. But I'm still excited. I remember when I used to be in the nursery at church they would have one, and everyone would fight over getting to clean up after snack. But I bought this one because:

1) It has no motor, no battery, it's all hand powered, so it saves electricity

2) It's so much easier to do a quick clean up and not having to drag out the vacuum.

Laugh if you must, but when the power is out, don't come crying to me asking to use my sweeper when your floors are covered with hair and dust....although I guess that's what brooms are for, lol.
Wow, the boys decided they want to take a cold bath. That could be interesting. On the other hand, maybe that will make them want to snuggle up in their beds and get all warm and take a NIIIICE, LOOOONG nap.....ha! I can't even write that with a straight face, lol.
I made the most heavenliest (if that wasn't a word before, it is after these) cinnamon rolls yesterday. Seriously, these things were sooo yummy. If they weren't all gone, I'd have a nice yummy photo for you, but!
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