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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What's for dinner?

I'm sick of obsessing over being a housewife. That's it. Just plain sick of it. I guess I do a pretty crappy job of it, because my house is NEVER clean. And I always forget about making dinner til the last minute. My laundry is never 100% done. There are always dishes in my sink. That's the frustrating part - it NEVER ENDS. Ever. If I had a 9-5 job, there would be a beginning and an end.
When you're a housewife, your job starts at 3 in the morning when your little one wakes up puking (and of course, you're the one who has to get up with him, because your husband has to get up for WORK in the morning, which you know NOTHING about.) Then you lay down on the couch with your child, hoping he'll go back to sleep, and wake up just in time to jump in the shower and take your other child to school.
Take one child to school, then the other one is off to the doctor. While you sit at the doctor with "sick child", he starts to throw up. So you quickly run with him to the bathroom. While you're in the bathroom, the nurse comes out to the waiting room and calls you, and you miss your appointment, because you're in the bathroom. So you now have to wait another hour and a half or so (with a sick, whiny child who smells like vomit) for the next appointment, but you think, "At least they HAD another appointment", because part of being a mom is trying to stay positive. You get the doctor over with, then you realize you have no food in the house and you have to go to the store. Yay! Fun!
You get to the store, and your child, (who started feeling better about 2 minutes before you saw the doctor, so now you feel like a total jackass for taking him in, and think the doctor must think you're a total hypochondriac about your son's health) has a huge tantrum because they don't have the special shopping carts with the trucks attached to them that he likes. So, you bribe him with (insert bribe, Ex: goldfish, candy, fruit snacks, chocolate), and you start shopping. Your mind is in 72 different places, so by the time you get to the checkout line, you realize none of the foods in your cart even resemble any complete meals, but it's too late now, because the lady is already scanning them, and there are 3 people behind you in line. Plus, by this point, your sick child is screaming because he's tired and wants to get out of the cart.
So, you get home, get the food put away, put sick child down for a nap, and fall asleep in the bed with them. You wake up just in time to pick up your older child from school. By this time, sick child is now fine, and both children bounce off the walls because they said "Mom can we have marshmallows for a snack?" And you, in your tiredness, say, "OK, sure, that's fine", without even listening to what they asked for. You finish up the chores you should have been doing when you collapsed into bed with sick child this morning, then it's about that time, and husband comes home and asks, "What's for dinner?"
Now, to a non housewife, they would skim over this story and say, "So what? You took a kid to the doctor and the grocery store, then came home and took a nap? What's so hard about that?" But to a housewife, they see all the emotions attached to this day; guilt, sadness, self-doubt, frustration, name it.
So the whole point of this post is that I am sick of obsessing over being the "perfect everything". I just can't do it! I'm happy with who I am and the way my house looks, I don't have mold growing or bugs crawling everywhere, and my kids are happy and healthy. I wish I could say I don't care what other people think about my life, but I do. I'm trying REALLY hard not to, though. I hate it when people think housewives don't do anything. It's harder using your head than your body.
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Anonymous said...

What's wrong with mold and bugs? :-)
Hope things get better! Come on up to the farm if you need a break.....

Kathryn said...

Lol, nothing, if you're making cheese and chocolate covered grasshoppers - neither of which I'm doing anytime soon. Except maybe the cheese, I made yogurt in the crockpot.....but no mold. We do need to get up there sometime soon. How are the strawberries coming along?

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