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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?

So I found this neat service called Pretty cool! You can search for someone in your area to help you move your stuff, clean your house, mow your lawn, wax your back hairs......ok, maybe not the waxing part, just making sure you're awake! But then again, you never know, it IS the Anyway, you can either search for someone to help you, or you can sign up to be a "helper". I signed up to be a cleaner and a seamstress, and I even made a shiny new button for my blog! Check it out, it's pretty cool-------->

I know, I rawk. And I'm very po. Speaking of which, that's who Ayden is for halloween! Here's a preview, sorry it's so cruddy, my camera phone sucks.

Silly mama realized as we were leaving for his fall festival, that I THOUGHT was this morning at ten am, that in fact it was TOMORROW morning at ten am. Sigh. So, we just had to go around town in his costume, cause he didn't get all cutied up for nothing!
Well, it's off to bed for me, another Wacky Wednesday down!
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