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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The list

So I'm sitting here very, very bored. I never realized how little there is to do at my house. I think the neighbors just called the cops on themselves, but I can't be nosy without anyone seeing me - no fun! The Schwann's man never came tonight, I am a little upset, I was really looking forward to getting me some peach frozen yogurt darnit! OK, so, I'm bored, and haven't had REAL adult conversation today, so you're gonna have to bear with me here. Here are 25 random thoughts.

1) Kenny Chesney music either makes me really sad, or very sentimental. I don't know if there's a difference between the two.
2) I really miss Adam. Duh, I guess that's a given. But it still surprises me how MUCH I miss him.
3) I can't WAIT for Give Parents a Break on Saturday. I also can't WAIT to take the boys to Monster Jam in Raleigh on Friday night! Does that mean I'm trailer trash if I like Monster Jam? Oh, well, who cares, I'm a cool mom :)
4) There are now 2 cop cars outside my I be worried...???
5) I miss my family in NY.
6) I wonder what my dad and Kay are doing right now.
7) I REALLY want to open the window and spy.....grr
8) I have NO LIFE if all I want to do is spy on the neighbors!
9) I wonder what the stupidest thing ever googled was.
10) Maybe I'll take the garbage out as an excuse to see what is going on out
11) Crap I forgot to shut the garage door. Excuse to go outside! Woo-hoo! Be right back.
12) Boo. Nothing interesting.
13) Ok, this list sucks.
14) I think I'm going to bed.
25) Good night!

The end.

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Travis and Kristy said...

You are hilarious. Stop by anytime you just can't take the boredom anymore. =)

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