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Monday, March 24, 2008

No More Candy Please!

So I've decided that candy is the devil. Seriously. It makes my children into little screaming demons. Even more than usual, lol. My kids have not had as much candy as they have had this weekend, ever.

Oh, and wonderful, A just came running into B's room and says there's a cockroach in the living room! So I go out there, and say "A, where did you see the cockroach?" First he says "It's dead. It's in the window under the blinds." I look, nothing there. I say, "A, are you telling stories?" Then he says "It was a cockroach riding a four-wheeler!" Yeah. Love-ly.

I just figured out how to upload videos to YouTube - yay! I'm proud of myself. Yup. Here goes:

We had a busy weekend. On Saturday...hmm, I can't remember what we did on Saturday. So I guess Saturday wasn't busy, lol! Sunday we went to breakfast at Good Sheperd, then went to the service. Well, the kids and I went to church, hubby stayed home. The kids were crazy, too much sugar already, and were really antsy during the service. I had to leave a few minutes early, but oh, well, that's life! Then from there, we went to an Easter party at BJ's friend C's house. The kids had a TON of fun there! She and her hubby have this gorgeous beach cottage with huge windows and a vintage kitchen. They had an Easter egg hunt with over 100 eggs! The kids were exhausted from all the hunting and playing, so we took them home, and I took a nice long nap. I missed BJ coming over by about 2 minutes, hubby said. Then we went out o dinner at Cici"s Pizza. If you've never had the pleasure of eating at Cici's, I'm sorry! It's not that the food is all that great, but until July 11th, it's the only place we can feed our family of four for 10 dollars total. And A LOVES IT. He asks to go there ALL THE TIME.

I've almost finished the dining room, it's only been like, 6 weeks, lol! Seriously, though, I''m really trying to get it done. I figured out last night, when I was sitting out on our swing at midnight, after cleaning out my van and the carport, that the reason I haven't had a lot of time to do extra things lately, besides the fact that I'm working at night, is because I spend so much time cleaning. So if I do a little cleaning a few times a day, and get the whole house done, and keep it that way, it will be much easier. We'll see how that goes.....A's home from preschool this week, so maybe that will be easier because B will be occupied....maybe.....

Well, speaking of cleaning, I think I'll go finish the dining room, A has a dr. appt today for his cough, and I'd like to get it done before then. Wish me luck!
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