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Friday, March 7, 2008

Whoops, I missed a day! I've been meaning to write something every day. Oh well, you can't win them all.....

I am loving Sirius radio that hubby started up again. They have a "Spa" channel, and it plays really relaxing music. It's on all day at my house! I actually have today off, for some reason, the only day I really WANT to work (because I get to wear jeans to work on Fridays), they never schedule me! Go figure. I'll have next week off, though, cause hubby is on stand by.

The house is looking better. I'm doing pretty good on keeping it clean, just still have that mountain of laundry, argh. I wish it would just do itself :s But speaking of doing itself, this lady came through my register the other night and bought a Black and Decker Scumbuster, which was on clearance for $10, down from $30, and said it was the best thing for cleaning your bathroom! She said it did all the work for you. Well, she actually said it to her friend, but I was listening....anyway, I bought one last night, and I can honestly say this is the only time I have ever sat in anticipation wanting to clean the bathroom, lol. I also bought a whole bunch of placemats on clearance for.....drum roll please......10 cents each! Can you believe it? They are normally $1.50 or more each! I bought probably 50-60 placemats, 6 kitchen towels, my Scumbuster, some pretty napkin rings, a new rug for the kitchen, some silicone potholder gloves (4), and a rack to hang my potholders on, and I spent only $25! And in case you're wondering WHY I bought so many placemats, it's to make
placemat purses. Fun and easy. Well, my dishes are calling me, maybe I'll write more later. Hubby took the boys out to look at new trucks (for him), so I'm taking advantage and I have the whole house, with the exception of the dining room, clean. Happy Friday!
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myboys9802 said...

Okay going to walmart today to get me some cool new stuff.
Want to come with me.
Then maybe some lunch, huh huh huh.
Adam wants a new truck or needs one.
I called you a few times yesterday.

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