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Friday, April 18, 2008

Ways to Piss Off Your Cashier:

Since I've started working at Wal-mart, I've come up with a wonderful list of joyous things that various people do while checking out at Wal-mart that make me want to WRING THEIR NECK. Here they are.

1) Talking on your cell phone while the cashier is ringing up your stuff.This is my number one pet peeve. It is SO RUDE! If I'm here to do you a service by ringing up your stuff, at least have the courtesy to get off your damn phone.

2) Sort of like # 1, bluetooths. I can't STAND bluetooths. Every night, I'll start talking to someone, they'll start talking, and then they'll say, oh, I wasn't talking to you. Plus, WAKE UP! You look like an idiot walking around a store talking to yourself!

3) People who buy soda, cupcakes, candy, chips, pies, etc, and then use their EBT card. Now, at holiday times, ok, maybe, but every day? Come on! This is what's wrong with the system! Why is that ok to buy on the government's money (AKA my money!)? Now don't get me wrong, I have no judgement against people who use EBT cards. I think if you really need some help to feed your kids or feed yourself cause you can't make enough money at your job, or got fired, or whatever, that's fine. I see lots of people come through who buy cereal, yogurt, bread, milk, eggs, lunchmeat, and that's great. They're using the money the right way. Some might say, who are you to say how they use their money? Well, sorry, but if my husband is in the military and we have 2 kids and we don't qualify for EBT, then how can they??

4) Piling stuff up in a box, basket, etc, and then not getting it out when you get to the register. That's always bugged me.

5) And now, the BIGGEST pet peeve (besides the cell phone): handing me wrinkled, wadded up money. Now, I don't expect everyone to have all their money facing the right way, or be totally crease free, but....just look at a register drawer. Does it look like wadded up money will fit in there the right way? Why should I have to unfold your damn money?! Grrr.....

Alright, that's my list for now. I'm sure there will be more as I remember it throughout the day.
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