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Friday, September 5, 2008

Gustav poo-stav

I cannot believe it is already September! Where the heck did summer go??? Anthony is back in preschool, it's starting (well, as much as it can), to get colder here, and I am really wishing we lived up north right now. Fall is my absolute favorite season. It's so pretty up in New York, when all the leaves change, and you can smell apples everywhere, it's just so.....romantic? Maybe? I don't know, but whatever it is, I miss it!

The kids and I got back on Tuesday from our hurricane Gustav journey. We ended up stopping Saturday night in Montgomery, then heading on to Columbus, GA to Fort Benning the next day. It was interesting....the kids drove me CRAZY the whole time. I'm sure it was partly because I was so distracted by watching the weather channel constantly while they wanted me to play with them. And who can blame them? They got to stay in fun hotel rooms for a few days. The room in Gavin Hall on Fort Benning was freakin awesome! It had just been renovated, I believe, and it was so nice. They had a little kitchen area, with a microwave, full size fridge and freezer, sink, an a little 2 burner stove. Then there was a living room area right next to that, and in the other room were 2 queen beds and the bathroom. I thought, "Yay! 2 beds! I'll have one all to myself!" HA! I should have known better. Both kids were curled up next to me by the next morning. I didn't mind, though, cause they're very snuggly when they're sleeping :)

I'll post more tomorrow.
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