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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Worth Your While Wednesday

So I've decided to come up with these silly little names because I have nothing else to do in my life (yeah right!). But seriously, I have found that reading other people's blogs has given me lots of tips and insights, so now I have to impose mine on everyone, lol.

So today, what is worth your while, you ask? Well, here's a short list:

-Windex Vinegar Multi Surface Cleaner
-this stuff is awesome! it's great in the bathroom, you don't need a separate glass cleaner and bathroom cleaner. plus it doesn't smell like chemicals.

-Method Microfiber Glass Cloth (at Target, and I believe on clearance right now! yay!)

-again, awesome, and it works great with the above Windex for mirrors. i have never had such a streak free mirror before. and when it gets too dirty (you know, when you wipe something and it gets more dirt on it than it had before you wiped it :), all you do is throw it in with the next load of wash! how easy is that?

-a website:

-this is a great resource for LDS and non-LDS alike. there are some great recipes, the author is really funny, and....just go there, OK? just cause I said so, that's right.

So, that's what's worth your while today. Go check out this stuff. It's good stuff. It's even better than the other stuff. Anyway....

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