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Monday, May 11, 2009

Motivate Me Monday and grrrr.......

I'm so annoyed! I finally have a Target in the area, and they don't have fresh produce. I found a coupon for a dollar off a lb. of apples, and they are on sale at Target for 1$/lb. Grr. I wonder if the commissary has apples on sale....

I'm really into apples because I used the dehydrator to make apple chips this weekend. They turned out soooo yummy - just ask Ayden, he ate them all in sacrament meeting, lol.'s my list of things to do today for Motivate Me Monday:

-figure out if Ayden is actually enrolled in Early Head Start next year

-finish the pile of laundry waiting for me

-be consistent with Ayden's time-outs (that is obviously an ongoing one!)

-potty-training (another ongoing one)

I love going through and finding everyone's blogs with cool stuff on them. I found a really great one where the girl uses her food storage to make a bunch of great sounding recipes (store what you use, use what you store). Her link is on the top right. If you can't see it, her blog is called Safely Gathered In.
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