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Thursday, October 8, 2009


Wow, I'm doing pretty good at keeping up with this thing. Yay me!
I attended a really cool seminar today, it was about parental involvement in school. Ayden went with me, and while I went to two sessions of my choosing, he was well cared for by some wonderful ladies, free of charge. The first session I chose was called "We Serve Too", and it was about the specific challenges military children have when dealing with PCSs and deployments and how they affect your child's schoolwork and overall behavior at school. It was actually very eye openeing, and the lady who taught the seminar was very passionate about the subject because she spent her childhood moving from school to school due to AF life, and no one recognised the fact that military children have special circumstances when it comes to moving and making new friends. It got me thinking about my kids, and the challenges and difficulties we will be facing in the next few months. I'm optimistic about it, because I know my kids are resilient. It just hit me tonight, though, that I'm not really mentally prepared for this. Like any big life event, I really have to get into the mindset and be prepared. I tell people, "Oh, yeah, we'll be fine", but in my head, I'm thinking, "What in the world am I thinking? I am scared to death!"
Well, now it's too late to finish and I am exhausted, so I will finish this tomorrow.
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