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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A new way to look at Food Storage....

Okay, so in a few posts in the past, I've written about food storage. I never paid much attention to food storage growing up, even in my early 20s, it never crossed my mind. Now that I have a husband deployed and two kids that rely on just me, I've started thinking about it A LOT MORE. What would I do if there was a big snowstorm and we lost power, or what would I do if for some reason the base was shut down and there was no way to get food onto the base? Or a whole long list of what-ifs, to most of which people would say, "Oh, well, THAT would never happen", or "Oh, the base will take care of us.....right? Don't you think so (insert name of spouse who lives down the street)? Oh, yeah, they've got all that stuff covered...I think....." What if they don't? What if they can't?

Or, as was mentioned by a very talented writer, (whose name escapes me right now and I REALLY wish I could give credit to!), what about something that happens everyday; you rush through your day to get the house clean, rush and pick up your kids from school, finally get a chance to sit down for a second and start thinking about dinner, and never took anything out to defrost! So you scramble around, and end up either eating hot pockets or going to the drive thru. If you had canned meat in your food storage, you could whip up a meal just as quickly as if you had defrosted meat earlier. Or you need something last minute for the bake sale at school/church/playgroup and can't get to the store because the kids are asleep already. But you've got flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, baking soda, dried beans (I KNOW, wait!) and chocolate chips in your food storage...wah-la! Most of what you need for chocolate chip cookies. I KNOW! I.KNOW. Crazy! I will be trying this recipe this afternoon. Because I HAVE all that stuff in my food storage! Yay me!

OK, so I hope I've motivated someone to look at their food storage in a different way, because I know I did as soon as I read that amazing food storage article by the amazing author I STILL can't remember...grr. I also loved Wendy Dewitt's vidoes on food storage, if you haven't seen them, go to YouTube and type in Wendy Dewitt and they will come right up. I believe there is a total of about 9 different vidoes, which are approximately 5 minutes or so each. It doesn't hurt that she's really really funny either!

Alright, so my list for this week includes the regular old junk (blech!) such as finish the dishes from the weekend (there's a ton! I don't even know why, it's not like I cooked all that much!), laundry which is never ending, try out these bean cookies, finish valentines for both boys classes, and find a new storage solution for the boys' Matchbox cars, they seem to have multiplied overnight. I really think that when we go to sleep, they all get together and have little Matchbox car babies, because EVERY time I find a BIGGER box, bin or basket for them, a week later they don't fit in the new box/bin/basket. FRUStrating! Anyone have any ideas??
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Taya said...

I love my food storage. As I told Austin money isn't bad to save but you can't eat money. I look at our food storage as an investment :-) Have you done meals in a jar yet?

Kathryn said...

No, that sounds cool! I did see this REALLY cool idea for a 72 Hour kit-I saw a video online where this lady used an empty cleaned out plastic milk jug and cut it around the top and filled it with canned goods and a little stove thing. The way I described it does NOT do it justice, lol. I'll have to see if I can find it.....btw, your husband is a computer!

Kathryn said...

Found it!
or here:
This is such a neat idea! And you can just keep it somewhere handy and grab it and throw it in the trunk of your car if there's an emergency and u need to leave! Pretty sweet!

Kathryn said...

Grr why can't I ever post clickable links?!

Bailey said...

Sometimes when you outgrow the car storage it can be fun to store some of the cars and rotate them around. Then they get to have "new" toys every so often. It keeps the cars manageable and the kids get to be reintroduced to old friends.

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