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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Need To Blog....

OK, so sometimes I just have this NEED to blog.  Luckily for me, today was a day when I felt this need, AND I was in the reach of a computer.  My friend and I did ALL of our visiting teaching this week!  It feels good to have it all accomplished and to know that our sisters are well taken care of.  Visiting with one sister today made me realize that I'm still interested in getting my degree in nutrition!  I'm going to look at my options.  I wish so much that I had been smart and gotten all of my education out of the way early, so now I could be working.  BUT, I had to be difficult and different, so, I'm paying for it now.  But I appreciate education so much more now than I did when I was younger.  So I guess it all evens out.....

And guess what I got in the mail today....dun dun dun....
woo hoo!  A Sam's Club gift card for the promotion that they are putting on with General Mills and MyBlogSpark!  Yay!   I'm excited.  I love the color pink to begin with, so October, I am in HEAVEN with pink this pink that for breast cancer month!  Did I mention I LOVE pink?  Why yes, I think I may have.  So this month, even my food is going to be dressed up in pink to support breast cancer research and survivors!  Has anyone ever dealt with this issue before?  I, luckily, have not had to.  I do remember being very young and my mom having a "scare", but it turned out to be nothing bad.  thank goodness for that.  Hopefully I will never have breast cancer or my friends or family will also never be affected with it, but according to the most recent statistics, 
1 in every 8 women
will be affected at some point in their lives.  How scary is that!  good thing that General Mills, Sam's Club, and MyBlogSpark have partnered together to support research, and also care for those who can't afford it.  

For 5 years, General Mills has partnered with 
the Susan G. Komen for the Cure® Foundation to bring
 breast cancersupport to local communities, and this year 
they are making their annual donation of $2 million 
to the foundation to advance breast cancer research 
and support education and community outreach projects.

Purchase specially-marked General Mills products 
like Cheerios and Fiber One 90 Calorie Brownies 
at your local Sam´s Club and help decide
 how half of that contribution will be donated by 
voting at from now until April 14, 2012.

General Mills´ donations will be divided
 between two important Komen programs: 
 which assists women in securing care 
they otherwise may not be able to afford, 
which helps unlock the keys to preventing breast cancer
Voting results will be announced on Mother´s Day 2012.

Pretty amazing that you get to choose, also!  I love it! 

Guess what else, though.  Someone very lucky who reads my blog will also win a $25 gift card to Sam's Club, so you can buy your own pink boxes and drool over them!  You lucky ducks!  All you have to do is:
1) go to Sam's Club's Facebook page and "like" them, then come back to me and leave a comment telling me you liked them,
2) go to Pink Together's Facebook page and do the same thing!  Just leave me a comment when both of those are done.  Then you are entered!  Yay for easy!  I will draw a winner on October 1st (to celebrate the start of pink month!).  So you have until the end of this month to enter.  Good luck!
And if you have any stories you'd like to share, feel free :)

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