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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday's are great!

Well, I haven't posted a new blog in a long time.  I get all these ideas all swirled up in my head that I want to blog about, but I usually forget them five minutes later!  Anyone else have that problem?

Time for another school year to start!  The boys are in kindergarten and second grade, and they both enjoy their teachers and their classmates.  They have a new principal at their school this year, which is exciting.  New principals usually bring big changes, which their school is in need of.

I had been planning on taking a Nurse Aid I course at the local community college, but missed a deadline for paperwork (grr, still mad about that one!), so I'm taking it as a sign God wants me to do something else right now, and trying to figure out what that something is.  I will defintiely start working SOMEwhere, even if it's just part-time.

Ironic, I was just typing about jobs, and as I was typing a second ago I got a call from "American Income Life Insurance" company, wanting me to go interview in Raleigh on Monday.  I said yes, but after reading all sorts of negative reviews online, I will be calling back and cancelling.  Plus I can't drive to Raleigh every day!  Crazy people.....

I've decided that I LOVE Pandora radio.  I listen to the Mercy River channel and the Boyce Avenue channel the most.  I love Mercy River!  They are LDS musicians and their songs are so pretty.  I put it on Pandora and the whole house just seems much more peaceful.  until hubby comes home and says "turn off the music!!!".  Grrr.  The only thing I don't like is the fact that some old neighbors of ours in Mississippi used to have a dog named Pandora, and when I think of the word pandora, all I can hear is the woman next door yelling "Pandora!" in a heavy Russian-type accent.  SOOO annoying.  But I can get over it.  It adds such a pleasant soundtrack to my days.  And it actually makes me want to clean, which is AH-mazing.  Anything that makes me want to clean is AH-mazing, lol!
Hubby's mom just sent me a crazy video on Facebook that I will share here:

Scary huh!  This is from all the horrible flooding.  That waterfall would normally be a serene, gentle trickling waterfall, I think.  Yikes.

Well, I've got to get on with my chores, cleaning house and other horrible things :-/
Blech.  Have fun everyone!

P.S.-Let me know if you can't see the video, I don't know if it will show it to everyone since it's from Facebook.

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