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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ahh, child labor....

Isn't it great???? It was so nice out today, the kids were outside for a long time before lunch. And yes, B is still wearing his pjs - so sue me! Check out my latest side of the road find - someone had it out by the road in the housing area next to ours.

Just call me Ms. Garbagepicker...actually, technically, I made hubby go and get it because it was too heavy, so he's the garbagepicker this time! The kids love it though. And there's really nothing wrong with it! It has a couple cracks by the turret, but other than that...perfectly fine! Crazy people.

So I still feel like crud today. But I actually feel a little bit more human than yesterday. Yesterday I thought I must have been dying. I haven't felt that crappy in years! I think being outside with the kids, as opposed to lying on the couch with my head glued to the pillow, helped a lot.

I was looking at another girl's blog who also lives down here, and is also a military wife, and also lives in base housing (I think, from her pictures), and she had an idea that I liked - a house makeover, or something along those lines. She had mentioned that her house needed a makeover because it was so dirty. Yeah. Can't imagine that So I decided to use her idea, and it kind of works. I took before and after pics, and it made me clean faster to get to the after ones! I think I may use this on the whole house....starting with...the bathrooms...dunh dunh dunh.....

Here's the before pic...or not!

Well, darnit, it's not working for some reason. So, I'll have to leave you in suspense of seeing my dirty bathroom until next time.
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