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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Something to write.....

Yay! I have tonight off. And I got hubby away from WOW for a little while so I can have the computer. I should be sewing right now, I have a lady who is considering a very large order of crayon rolls and I need to send her pics. But I'm taking a break for a few minutes.

I finally got the dining room done! I am very proud of myself. Here it is in all its' glory, I had to take a picture fast while it's still clean, lol.

And here's my cutie pie making faces at the mirror after his bath tonight. I couldn't resist, he is just too cute!

B is such a trooper. He has two holes in his bottom lip, and it doesn't even slow him down! He still eats drinks, nurses, and acts crazy with his brother, and it doesn't even phase him. He is so funny. He is the total opposite of A, A was so quiet and shy and reserved....not this kid! He is just a big HUGE ball of energy. I think mostly he feeds off of A, but I also think he takes after hubby with his stubborness, lol.
Well, it's late, and I'm tired. Off to sew.....
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