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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"Suck my hair!"

Yes, that's what my silly 3 year old asks me to do every time I use the hose on the vacuum. He is so funny.
Today was pretty productive, I got both kids shot records and 181 forms to get them registered at the CDC on base. I have to take B there for A's preschool Easter egg hunt. Then I stopped by the housing office to ask about when we'd be moving. The first girl I talked to said April. I was like, "WHAT??!!" So then she's like, "Um, hold on, let me talk to my supervisor." So I talked to that lady who REALLY knows what's going on, and she said sometime between June and August. Which isn't bad. There's a ribbon cutting ceremony/open house for the new housing in Thrower Park on Thursday. I'm excited! I can't wait to walk through and see what they actually look like!
So after housing, I went to Wal-Mart and bought our "essentials" for the next 2 weeks. Yup, pretty boring, except for the fact that while we were IN the store, B had 3 tantrums. Yup, 3. It would have been more, I'm sure, but I grabbed some baby goldfish off the shelf and let him start eating them. I'm sorry, but I've got to get stuff done, and that's pretty much impossible when you have a 21 month old screaming at the TOP of his lungs. His tantrums have been driving me crazy lately! He's very emotional, especially when it comes to Thomas the Train, of all things! If A takes one of his trains, watch out! That's what the first tantrum was about, I wouldn't let him get a Thomas book. Then it just kind of spiraled downward from there.
Well, I hear one of the kids waking up, and I need to get dinner in the oven before hubby gets home. This is my last night of being on vacation (although it's unlike any vacation I've taken before!), so I guess I should enjoy let's see if hubby will give the kids a bath tonight...
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